Tuition Info and Policies

Chehalem Valley Dance Academy Fall 2017- Spring 2018 Tuition & Policy Info

  1. Tuition is calculated for the session and divided into 9 equal payments to be paid on the 2nf of each month, beginning on September 2 and ending on May 2.
  2. Fall session tuition is calculated based on 31 weeks of class.
  3. Dancers who miss any of their regularly scheduled classes can take a make up class in the same style of dance, in any level at or below their placement. With instructor permission they may take a level above.
  4. SIBLINGS get a 20% discount when under the unlimited amount, calculated by the office staff.
  5. All boys tuition is discounted at 50% off.
  6. College Students operate on a different tuition scale, please see below standard tuition calculator.
Total Hours Per Week 9 Equal Payments of:
30 Mins $40
45 Mins $50
60 Mins/1 Hr $60
1.25 Hrs $70
1.5 Hrs $80
1.75 Hrs $90
2 Hrs $100
2.25 Hrs $110
2.5 Hrs $120
2.75 Hrs $125
3 Hrs $130
3.25 Hrs $135
3.5 Hrs $140
3.75 Hrs $145
4 Hrs $150
4.25 Hrs $155
4.5 Hrs $160
4.75 Hrs $165
5 Hrs $170
5.25 Hrs $175
5.5 Hrs $180
5.75 Hrs $185
6 Hrs $190
6.25 Hrs $195
6.5 Hrs $200
6.75 Hrs $205
7 Hrs $210
7.25 Hrs $215
7.5 Hrs $220
7.75 Hrs $225
8 Hrs $230
8.25 Hrs $235
8.5Hrs $240
8.75 Hrs $245
9 Hrs $250
9.25 Hrs $255
9.5 Hrs $260
9.75 Hrs $265
10 Hrs $270
10 + Hrs Unlimited 1 Dancer $275
2 Dancer Family Unlimited $325
3 Dancer Family Unlimited $375
4 Dancer + Family Unlimited $400


College Student discount: (must be currently enrolled and have ID). Please specify when enrolling that you are a college student.

1 class per week $30/month

2 classes per week $45/month

3 classes per week $60/month

4 classes per week $75/month

Unlimited $90/month


  • Tuition is calculated based on the dancer’s total hours per week.
  • Siblings are calculated separately, then totaled for the family bill.
  • There is a non-refundable $15 registration fee for each dancer and a $25 registration fee for families that is billed at the beginning of each Fall session.
  • *Note: we do not pro-rate for absences.  Dancers can choose to make up their absences in other classes on the weeks that they are present.
  • Classes that do not meet the required minimum enrollment of 5-6 dancers will be canceled and mostly likely combined with another class.
  • All tuition paid or postmarked the 1st – 4th is on time.  Payments paid/dropped off or postmarked the 5th or after will incur a late fee of $10.
  • All NSF payments will be charged $35.

When withdrawing from classes, parents must provide a dated, written notice of withdrawal with 30 day notice.  Once we receive the notice, the office will note the date and 30 days after we will cancel the auto-payments.

Performing Company dancers must have tuition paid to date in order to participate in required and/or optional competitions.


  1. All accounts will be billed on the 2nd of each month automatically with a credit card or debit card, unless paid prior to the 2nd.
  2. Changes to classes and monthly amounts will be made by the office 30 days after written notification. See more below.
  3. Any dancer with an account 60 days in arrears will not be allowed to participate in any classes until the back due amount is paid in full.
  4. Dancers are not allowed to be in the lobby of CVDA for longer than 5 minutes after their class.  Any dancer left unattended after this time will then be charged at the rate of $1 per minute to cover the cost of the employee. *The exception is dancers with another class starting WITHIN 15 minutes of their previous class ending.  Dancers 11 and up can be left unattended in the lobby only if they are not disruptive for a maximum of 15 minutes if not in consecutive classes.
  5. ABSOLUTELY no dropping off dancers more than 10 minutes before their 1st class.  
  6. Dancers in our 2 – 6 year old program must have a parent come inside to drop them off and pick them up.
  7. Dancers are required to have a water bottle in every class. No glass, no straws. We do not have a drinking fountain.
  8. Please notify the staff of CVDA via email or voicemail by 2:30pm if your dancer is going to be late or absent and the reason why and we will notify the instructors.
  9. Dancers who are late to class are encouraged to apologize to the instructor after class.
  10. Absolutely no boyfriends or girlfriends of dancers are allowed in the studio unless they are enrolled in class.
  11. Our goal is to provide a safe, warm, family environment in the studio where children of all ages and parents of all ages are comfortable while waiting for class etc.  Therefore, there will be no tolerance for inappropriate language or content allowed in the lobbies or outside of CVDA on the benches.
  12. Dancers must wear street clothes or cover ups when coming to or leaving the studio.  Especially no shorty tops or short shorts.
  13. With the exception of Parent Watch Weeks, spectators are not allowed inside the classroom.  Classroom observers cannot help but pull focus away from the instructor and change the atmosphere of the class into a performing environment rather than a learning environment.
  14. Tuition must be paid in full in order for the dancers to participate in the Annual Showcase.
  15. Dancers wishing to participate in optional events such as master classes and competition must be caught up on tuition before they can enroll in the optional activities.  PC dancers have one exception and that will be explained under PC policies.
  16. Dancers are considered enrolled in a class and therefore responsible for tuition until written notice is given by the parent with 30 days from the date of the letter detailing the dancer’s change in status, tuition will be recalculated going forward whether it is an adjustment or a drop.  This includes adjustments and changes in classes.
  17. Private lessons are to be paid to the studio directly at the time of the lesson and are scheduled with individual instructors at a rate of $1/minute for all instructors (except Holly and guest at $2/minute).
  18. All choreography is property of CVDA.  If you would like to perform any of the choreography learned, you must get permission from the instructor and give credit where it is due upon the performance.
  19. Dancers are not allowed to sit in class if they do not feel well or are injured.  They will be sent to the office to have a parent called to pick them up and take them home.
  20.  Dancers can make up their missed classes in any other class in that same style, and their level or lower.  They will need instructor’s permission to make it up in a level higher than they are currently placed at.
  21. Please inform the instructor and the office if there are any new medical problems that we should be aware of.  Please also call the studio and, if possible, inform the instructor if there are any deaths in the family or other issues that we should be aware of when working with your dancer.
  22. Age placements will be of July 1st for summer sessions and October 31st for fall sessions.